5 Best Drones under $500 to buy in 2021 (Buyer Guide)

Best Drones under $500 in 2021 :

Altair outlaw SE – Best Drone for Kids 2021

This drone is very great for video and photography. It comes with great features for these purposes. It’s hard to beat the 1080p camera on this drone as it delivers high-quality images around you. you will also get some good features that make outlaw SE to fly easy for you. With GPS integration, you will have better stability in the air and 1touch for safe landing and you will not stress about the landing the drone safely. The Altair outlaw SE is Control the range of 600 m. It’s strange to have this much range in that price with all these unique features. It also has a good battery life which can run up to 20 minutes. The altar outlaw SE has GPS integration and all these features just under $300. The camera quality of Altair outlaw SE is 1080p under this price is really nice to know. You will be so much impressed to have these features under this price.


  • Range of 600m
  • Have 20 minute battery life
  • 1080p hd camera
  • GPS enables
  • Quality brand


  • Only comes with one battery

Mavik mini DJI Dominated continues Drone for Kids

The DJI’s has just launched The biggest game-changer in the drone industry. It is foldable under 250 g weight and equal to the size of your palm.

It is one of the most recent products from the popular brand DJI. It is popular for its high resolution, stability, flight time, and control range.

It is a very compact and lightweight drone that you can with you anywhere. All in all, it is a very stable and accurate drone under the price of $500. It can be used by the Beginner or the experienced pilot both. As you can say that it can be fly by the kid too.

This drone has the maximum control range which is about 4 km. It’s one impressive thing is its battery life which is about 30 minutes it can fly per battery. The drone’s front camera is supported by the 3 axes motorized gimbal. And a mini camera for video capturing is having about 2.7 K Hd resolution at 30fps rate while at 60fps rate the capturing will about 1080p HD resolution.

It has returned to home feature. It will start landing well battery will critically low which ensures that your drone’s land safely.


  • Easy to fly
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • 12mp build in camera with 2.7k video
  • Class leading performance
  • Amazing autonomous features


  • This package doesn’t include spare batteries

Upair one plus – Best drone for Beginners

The Upair one plus is commonly regarded as the cheapest as the DJI phantom drone series to buy. It’s design and camera also comment to DJI‘s phantom. Upair is a powerful aircraft with great hardware. Repair is the cheapest 4K video maker drone which we would recommend our friends and family. It’s very easy to control. It’s will be easier if you are a beginner to fly a drone.

The upair is having long-lasting battery life with a 5400mAh battery. It’s can fly drone up to 19 minutes. This drone’s maximum range to control is 2 km.  While the live video transmission goes just as far as you want.

One of its impressive features is it’s the camera of 12MP with 2.7k . It can transmit live video to 7”  monitor screen placed on it’s remote.  Yes,  from this you can catch your best moments of life.  


  • Easy to use
  • Unique features and hardware
  • 12-megapixel camera
  • Great flying time


  • Lack of flight plan
  • Some negative reviews

3DR Solo – Best drone for Photography 2021

This drone is the oldest one at the earliest but until now it is one of the best drones which are under $500.

It’s hardly used for professionally capturing videos and photos among GoPro. Still it is one of the best

Because of its great performance for GoPro. One of its impressive features is it’s control range which is about 2 km. But with a range extension kit then a control range will be 4 km. It’s flight time will be 20 or 25 minutes. While carrying the camera  The flight time will be 20 minutes but if not then it will be 25 minutes. As the package does not include a camera because if it includes a camera then its price will be above the $500 . It is the best Twice for those who have already owned a camera such as GoPro.

The 3-D are solo is not having features of recent technology but it Does sport autonomous flight modes like selfie, cable cam, orbit and follow are extremely used for recording video. The software of this drone is can be upgraded.  


  • Gps and custom flight
  • 1 km control range
  • 20 minutes flight time
  • Great performance under $400


  • Camera is not good as gopro
  • Lacks of good stabilized gimbal

Traxxas Aton plus – Best drone for professionals

The traxxas aton plus is a very interesting quadcopter. This is mainly used for professional and Academic video recording. It’s not that much popular as other competitors. This is not very hard to handle but it’s not friendly for the beginners. You should not recommend This drawn for beginners as it is for the pilot who have experience of the drone before. An experienced pilot can get most out of it because it is a very sportive drone.The one negative thing in traxxas aton plus is its control range which is very less than its competitors that is 300 meters but one impressive thing is it flight time is 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, the traxxas aton plus have no camera but it comes with 2 axis gimbal mount that sports GoPro cameras. And the three different notes are Film modes, sport mode, and expert mode. Film mode is used for Capturing beautiful pictures and recording video while other two-sport modes and expert mode unlock the drone’s true potential.


  • 3different flight modes
  • 2 axis  gimbal mount for Gopro
  • 20 minutes flight time
  • Affordable


  • No camera included

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