Startup Funeral

"Failure is success if we learn from it."

Startup Funerals are events around the world to help the entrepreneurial community celebrate failure by providing a place where you are comfortable to share and learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs and failed startups. Open to the public, you can go listen to eulogies from CEOs of failed startups. Anyone can talk about success, but it takes courage and a true entrepreneurial mindset to discuss the failure of their beloved startup babies. Google is a proud host of Startup Funerals at their Google Campus Madrid in the heart of Spain. The last event was this past June where an international network of tech entrepreneurs came together to collaborate and learn from each other’s ventures.

It is extremely difficult to accept failure after devoting so much hard work and passion to a project. However, almost every single entrepreneur has failed multiple times before acquiring success. Once you can look at failure as a beneficial learning experience rather than a loss, you will have the strength needed to go far in the entrepreneurial community. Startup Funerals can help you surpass the initial disappointment associated with failure. 

After realizing failure, the next step is growth. Pivotta is the place to go to overcome failure by either selling your startup and/or innovative digital assets or acquiring new assets to facilitate growth of your startup. Pivotta creates an international marketplace where motivated, like-minded tech entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate, network and learn from each other’s knowledge and failed assets. Pivotta brings great people and ideas together, and then great things happen.