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Although it’s painful to admit, 90% of startups close approximately 20 months after creation. These failures and deaths have become a taboo subject among entrepreneurs. It’s normal that the entrepreneur who embarks on this journey are excited with the endless possibilities, but the reality is they may spend every cent of what they earns.

There are many reasons why startups go under so quickly.

The principal reason for failure is members having different views of the direction the startup is going from the beginning. But there are other factors that stunt the growth of startups as well.

Time to market: sometimes you’ve simply come too soon to the market and consumers do not understand or have the need for your service/produce.

Thinking as an SME (small and medium enterprises): a startup does not have the same characteristics as a business. A startup cannot be structured as a conventional company because it has different goals: climb fast, go international, and grow in a short period of time.

Too much focus on the original idea: even the main idea can be modified and subject to change. We must not resist to change.

Most entrepreneurs have read the reasons startups fail, but still commit the same errors. So these problems leading to death still shadow and engulf a multitude of startups. These failures have no remedy, but what does have a remedy is profitable work.

Pivotta is a marketplace where you can sell your digital assets: apps, websites, databases, market research. You can also find work already done to buy that will help you save time and dive straight into a project.

We can’t make 100% of startups triumphant. But we can give you a forum that facilitates both buying and selling. Between the two we form the perfect tandem, we encourage you to get to know us.


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