"Failure is success if we learn from it."

Erin | 26 Jul 2016

¿Qué activos digitales se pueden recuperar de las startups españolas?

Natalia | 11 Jul 2016

In this Ted Talk, entrepreneur Michael Litt responds to Professor Larry Smith’s speech, “Why you have to fail to have a great career.”

Erin | 21 Jun 2016

Descubre en una guía visual como realizar las operaciones de compra-venta dentro de Pivotta. Además de otros consejos que te ayudaran a vender tus productos de una forma más rápida.

Alex | 08 Jun 2016

A digital asset is anything that generates a Startup, App or an entrepreneur, in order to develop your product in a digital environment.


Alex | 31 May 2016

Even if you don’t know it, from the moment you decide to work on a project you are making money.

Denis | 05 May 2016

Although it’s painful to admit, 90% of startups close approximately 20 months after creation.

administrator | 28 Apr 2016